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We’ve posted over 800 blogs on Ivy Coach website. We’ve got a wealth of information to share with you about the highly selective college admissions process. But do remember that we don’t share our entire expertise. We are, after all, a business at the end of the day.

At Ivy Coach, we offer a whole lot of college admissions advice to our clients. We guide them through the process and help them avoid the mistakes that too many college applicants make year after year. We give them advice on their activity sheets, on securing terrific letters of recommendation from their teachers and guidance counselor, on their college essays, on showing interest in universities, on their alumni interviews, and oh so much more. But we also give college admissions advice to the general public through our Ivy League Statistics, through our newsletters, and our college admissions blog, among other outlets.

In fact, our college admissions blog now has over 800 posts, offering college admissions advice to students and parents around the world. On the blog, you’ll find advice on everything from what not to write in college essays to why you might find really smart students at the end of the bench on an Ivy League basketball team to what you should be doing on your college tour. Our college admissions advice on our blog is one of the best — if not the best — source of information on the highly selective college admissions process (and the Ivy League admissions process in particular) that you’ll find.

We invite you to read through our recent blogs. And comb through our old ones. You’ll find so much material that you won’t know what to do with it all. But hopefully it’ll help you alleviate the stress in your family. Hopefully it’ll make you better informed. And hopefully it’ll make you a bit of an expert on the admissions process (though do keep in mind that we keep a good portion of our expertise off our blog because we are a business at the end of the day that gets excellent college admissions results).

Which are your favorite blogs? What do you wish we’d write about? Is there anything about the highly selective college admissions process that you’re in the dark about? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!


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