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While “It Gets Better” was an expression coined to address our LGBT youth, the same principle applies to all of our youth. It gets better after high school. It does. There’s no need to get utterly stressed out about the admissions process. It. Gets. Better.

With the story out of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology dominating the college admissions news-cycle these past few days, we figured we’d offer some more commentary on what led this young woman, “Sara”, to forge letters from deans of admission at Stanford and Harvard, to claim that Mark Zuckerberg called her to sway her to attend Harvard, as well as to claim that she was admitted to a program created exclusively for her in which she could attend Harvard for two years and Stanford for another two years, among other absurd fabrications. It’s no surprise to us that Sara is an Asian American young woman. The stress put on Asian American — and Asian — applicants to highly selective colleges in particular by their parents, their schools, and themselves can be intolerable. It can take their breath away.

One of the reasons we write this college admissions blog is to put out information on the highly selective college admissions process every single day so that students and parents have a place to come for accurate, informative, expert advice. Do we give away most of our best kept secrets about the college admissions process on our blog? Absolutely not. We’re an American business and our secret sauce is expressly reserved for our clients at Ivy Coach. We make no apologies for this. And we never will. But, hopefully, this information helps to demystify the college admissions process for our readers. And it’s our hope that this makes it much less stressful. It’s our hope that our readers feel more in control of their destinies in the college admissions process with the information they glean from our college admissions blog.

Indeed we urge the parents and students who read our college admissions blog to take a deep breath in and out. In ten years, you’ll look back at the stress you were under during the college admissions process as a whole different time. Maybe you’ll laugh. Maybe you’ll take a deep breath and be grateful you never have to go through it again (unless you have more kids!). In the LGBT community, there’s an expression: “It gets better.” To college applicants (and their parents), especially those who are under enormous stress right now, it gets better. It gets better. It gets better. It gets better. Repeat it. Internalize it. Live it.


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