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Harvard University once again will likely have the highest yield among top colleges, an important college admission statistic for “US News & World Report” rankings.

Yield statistics for colleges are trickling in. The yield is the percentage of admitted students for a particular college who choose to attend that college. Yield statistics may fluctuate over the course of the summer due to “summer melt.” Summer melt occurs when students decide not to matriculate to the college they committed to typically either because they had a change of heart or because they got admitted off the waitlist at another university that they’d rather attend. Colleges seek to admit students who they think will attend because yield is one of the college admission statistics that impacts a college’s “US News & World Report” all important ranking. Check out this article on Ivy League interest.

Let’s take a look at some of the yields around some of the top college campuses this admissions cycle. This data is from Dartmouth grad and education reporter Jacques Steinberg of the “New York Times” “The Choice” blog.

Harvard University – “More than 76%.”

Stanford University – “72%.”

University of Pennsylvania – “63%.”

Dartmouth College – “55%.”

Cornell University – “49%.”


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