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Don’t wear flip flops on your college admission interviews.

For students who will be applying Regular Decision to various highly selective colleges, their phones will soon start buzzing about college admission interviews with alumni. Don’t be surprised if your phone rings at school and it’s an alum of a school to which you applied asking to arrange an interview. Alumni often forget that students are in school during the school day. And don’t forget to be very polite on the phone. It is, after all, your first impression with your interviewer. If the phone number that you list with the college to which you applied is your home phone number, make sure whomever typically answers the phone is aware that people might soon be calling about college admission interviews. This way, they won’t be caught by surprise.

If you haven’t yet seen our video on what NOT to do on a college interview, you should check it out. It’s one of our most watched college admissions videos and it’ll give you some really important pointers that you may not have otherwise realized. But let’s focus right now on attire. What are you going to wear to your college interviews? If you’re a female, wear a nice dress or a pantsuit. Nothing too revealing. You want to dress conservatively. If you’re a male, don’t wear flip flops. Don’t wear shorts and a t-shirt. Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Brush your hair. Put on a shirt with a collar, a pair of khakis, and nice shoes.

You’d be surprised how few students make the effort and, in our experience, males are much bigger offenders of the dress code than females. It matters. If someone tells you that what you wear doesn’t matter, you should be skeptical of all of the other advice you’ve taken from this person! Dress well. Prepare your answers in advance. Have talking points…though make it seem natural. Smile. And say “thank you!”


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