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Not everyone in the world is an expert on the college admissions process (photo credit: WestportWiki).

Not everyone is a college admission expert. There are thousands of private college counseling companies. There are tens of thousands of folks who think they’re experts on how to get into highly selective colleges. It goes without saying that the vast majority of these private college counseling companies and the vast majority of these supposed “experts” just, well, aren’t. When a recent graduate of a highly selective university writes a book entitled “The College Admissions Bible: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Applying To College,” we can’t help but giggle a little. We read through the author’s bio and struggle to understand exactly what her expertise is. She went through the highly selective college admissions process and got into Penn? That makes her an expert? Not so much. We hire many former Ivy League admissions counselors. She isn’t one of them.

Where are her years spent working as a high school college counselor or in an admissions office of a highly selective university? Just because she got into a highly selective college doesn’t mean she knows all the tips and secrets of getting into every highly selective college. Because every university is different. We know. We’ve been doing this for many years. Now there are a couple of private college counseling companies other than ours that you wouldn’t be wrong to use. We respect our competitors, although they are few. This young woman is not a competitor and to write a book on college admissions with no tangible expertise on the subject baffles us.

We don’t mean to be critical of her book. We acknowledge we’ve never read it. But nor should you because why listen to the tips of someone who has no expertise in the area? If you want to learn about economics, do you read a book on the subject by Chelsea Handler? Likely not. Not that this author is Chelsea Handler but you get the idea. Recent college grads from highly selective colleges are not all of a sudden experts on the highly selective college admissions process. Oh, and by the way, neither are their parents!


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