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Regular readers of our college admissions blog know that we create a whole lot of content about highly selective college admissions. In fact, we blog about college admissions every single day. Weekdays. Weekends. Holidays. Christmas. Yom Kippur (apologies to Bev’s cousin, the great Major League Baseball pitcher Sandy Koufax who refused to pitch during a game of the World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur). You name the day of the week, we lead the conversation on college admissions. It is what we do.

And, over the years, some folks — too many of them — have chosen to copy our copyrighted content. And sometimes they violate our granted trademarks. Sometimes they copy a few words or phrases here and there. Sometimes they lift entire paragraphs. And, more rarely, they copy entire articles, entire pages of our website verbatim. We fully understand that some folks aren’t all that creative. We fully understand that they wish to claim our own original, creative content as their own. But what we’ll never understand is…do these folks — these Melania Trumps we shall call them — really think they won’t get caught?

Do these folks really think there aren’t easy-to-purchase plagiarism detection services available to discern content that is plagiarized verbatim without the creator and copyright owner’s authorization? Do they really think they’ll get away with it? Do they really think they are not subject to Title 17 of the United States Code, which places a significant financial penalty on folks who violate copyrights? Do they think they’re above the law or do they just have an utter contempt for the laws that govern our civil society in America?

And so, to quote three words of Senator Cory Booker from his powerful 2016 DNC speech, “let us declare” now and forever that should you choose to use our copyrighted content without Ivy Coach’s express written authorization (we don’t offer such authorization), we will pursue all of our remedies available at law. We will leave no stone unturned. We will enforce our copyrights. We will enforce our trademarks. We will protect our intellectual property and bear any cost to do so (which of course the infringer will have to pay). After all, this is the express purpose of copyrighting content and trademarking names in America. This is why we live in America. This is why America is the greatest country on earth and why we are committed to helping our American troops earn admission to the colleges of their dreams on a pro bono basis, troops who defend our very freedoms — freedoms like this.


You are permitted to use (including the content of the Blog) for your personal, non-commercial use only. You must not copy, download, print, or otherwise distribute the content on our site without the prior written consent of Ivy Coach, Inc.


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