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Ivy Coach offers a free 20-minute college admission consultation.

At Ivy Coach, we love hearing from students and parents and we get phone calls seemingly constantly. It’s not that we don’t love to hear your voice and chat. It’s just that we prefer that you fill out our free 20-minute consultation form prior to calling. Once we receive your consultation form, we will send you a list of our services and fees. Then, we can set up a time for your free college admission consultation. After all, do you want to spend the entire 20-minutes of your free consultation talking about what kinds of services we offer to our students and what our fees are? Likely not. We suspect you’d prefer to talk about your son or daughter.

The free 20-minute college admission consultation should be all about your son or daughter. It shouldn’t be about what we charge. So follow the instructions on our website and you’ll get a whole lot more out of our free 20-minute college admissions consultation. Doesn’t that make sense? Oh, and for parents who — whether knowingly or not — choose to brag about their children for much of the duration of the free consultation, you’re really missing out. Bragging about your child to us will not help get your kid into a highly selective college. Listening to what we have to say can indeed help. So consider not talking so much and consider listening. It’s wise advice for our free college admissions consultation. And it’s wise advice in life.

So sign up today for a free 20-minute college admission consultation, we’ll send you our services and fees, and we’ll get you scheduled for your free consultation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and getting started.


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