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November 15, 2020

Colby College Career Services

Colby College should be commended for helping their graduates find employment.

Colby College wants it graduates to find work. Yet so too do all of America’s highly selective colleges. But the Waterville, Maine-based institution doesn’t just talk the talk; Colby walks the walk. Through their Pay It Northward Initiative, which began this spring during the COVID-19 pandemic, the school pledged to find a job, internship, or fellowship for every single graduating senior within 90 days of commencement. The school was able to make this pledge largely by tapping into its extensive alumni network.

Colby’s Pay It Northward Initiative Helps Grads Find Work

As Kathryn Dill reports for The Wall Street Journal in a piece entitled “Young Job Seekers Tap College Alumni Networks for Leads,” “Almost 700 alumni, parents, and friends of the college came forward after Colby put out its initial request in May, highlighting existing internships and job openings as well as many opportunities they had created specifically for this year’s graduates. Colby President David A. Greene says in a typical year, about 95% of members of the roughly 500-member graduating class have a job or internship or are headed to grad school by about six months after graduation. Currently, roughly 10% of Colby’s 2020 grads are still looking for their first opportunity.”

Other Colleges Should Heed Colby’s Example

We salute Colby College for all their efforts in connecting the school’s graduates with employment opportunities during these tough economic times. May every university across this land follow Colby’s model. For recent college graduates, there is no resource like the extensive alumni base of a college when seeking out initial employment opportunities. Colby’s Pay It Northward initiative is essentially a call to action to its alumni to help students in this struggling economy. And if Colby, one of our nation’s elite liberal arts colleges, can do it, it means that other colleges and universities can do it, too. So may these schools heed Colby’s tremendous example. Energize the alumni to help out newly minted graduates. Help them pay it forward.

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