Class of 2023 Regular Decision Notification Dates

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Regular Decision applicants to the Class of 2023 won’t have to wait too much longer for decisions to roll out.

Regular Decision notifications are right around the corner. So when will our nation’s elite universities be informing applicants of their decisions? If this question has been keeping you up at night, we’ll be glad to put an end to your anxiety. We’ve listed the anticipated notification dates for the Class of 2023 for the vast majority of America’s highly selective colleges below. Do keep in mind that some of these dates can change. Also, some of our students have already earned admission to some of these schools — including Ivy League schools — in the Regular Decision round (yes, notifications to select students can go out early). But these are the dates when applicants can generally anticipate being informed.

College Date
Amherst College Early April
Babson College April 1
Barnard College Late March
Bates College By April 1
Boston College By April 1
Boston University Late March
Bowdoin College By April 1
Brown University End of March
California Institute of Technology Mid-March
Carnegie Mellon University By April 15
Claremont McKenna College By April 1
Colby College By April 1
Colgate University April 1
Columbia University By April 1
Cornell University Early April
Dartmouth College By April 1
Duke University April 1
Emory University By April 1
Georgetown University By April 1
Georgia Institute of Technology March 9
Harvard University Late March
Harvey Mudd College Mailed April 1
Haverford College Early April
Middlebury College Late March / Early April
Massachusetts Institute of Technology March 14 (Pi Day)
New York University April 1
Northwestern University Late March
Pomona College By April 1
Princeton University Late March / Early April
Rice University By April 1
Sarah Lawrence College Late March
Smith College Late March
Stanford University April 1
Swarthmore College By April 1
Tufts University By April 1
Tulane University April 1
University of California – Berkeley Late March
University of California – Los Angeles Late March
University of California – San Diego Mid-March
University of Chicago Late March
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor April
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Late March
University of Notre Dame Late March
University of Pennsylvania By April 1
University of Southern California By April 1
University of Texas at Austin March 1
University of Virginia Late March
Vanderbilt University By April 1
Vassar College Late March
Villanova University By April 1
Wake Forest University By April 1
Washington University in St. Louis April 1
Wellesley College Late March
Wesleyan University Late March
Williams College By April 1
Yale University By April 1

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