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Chinese American students are members of an overrepresented minority. We work with Chinese students seeking to gain admission to the Ivy League and other top schools. We do this by helping them stand out to overcome what we term overrepresented minority discrimination.

If you’re the parent of a student who is Chinese American or if you’re a Chinese American student, you may worry that the odds are stacked against you or your child in the highly competitive college admissions process. Maybe you’ve heard that Chinese students at so many universities across America are overrepresented minorities. Sure, you’ve read about the recent decision at the University of Michigan that struck down the law that outlawed using race as a factor in University of Michigan admissions. But what if you’re a member of an overrepresented minority like Chinese American students are?

For Chinese students seeking to gain admission to Ivy League colleges and other highly competitive universities like MIT, Stanford, Duke, Caltech, and University of Chicago, it’s all about standing out from the pack…just like it is for every other student. And for Chinese Americans, standing out from the pack means not doing what every other Chinese American applicant does. You don’t have to play the violin or the piano. You don’t have to run cross-country or track. You don’t have to be passionate about math and science if you’re not. As the old proverb goes, dare to be different.

While it may be a stereotype to say that so many Chinese American students play the violin and excel in math, stereotypes can indeed be based on truths as author Malcolm Gladwell or psychologist Robert Cialdini will share with you in their writings. Stereotypes are mental shortcuts that aid in decision making and, even, potentially survival. If you think of all cheetahs as fast, then in a split second, you might consider hiding rather than attempting to outrun that cheetah. It might save your life.

We frequently work with Chinese students interested in gaining admission to Ivy League universities and other competitive colleges. While there are a number of pieces to the puzzle that we work on, one basic piece is making sure they stand out as different and unique among other members of this overrepresented minority group. Check out this article we’re featured in for more tips on Chinese students gaining admission to the Ivy League. And contact us today!


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