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August 27, 2011

China and Ivy League

Students in China seeking to gain admission to Ivy League colleges should avoid plagiarizing college essays. This, after all, is a common practice in China.

If you’re a student in China with a desire to attend college – maybe even an Ivy League college – in the United States, we have a tip for you. And that tip has everything to do with ethics. While counterfeiting and scams may run rampant in China, the Ivy League admissions process is not a forum for cheating.

More specifically, if a college admissions agent in China shows you a stack of college essays and says you can pick one to submit to Harvard, Yale, and Penn, don’t do it! Don’t listen to these admissions agents. Write your own essays. Show Ivy League admissions counselors who you are – not who some random person is whose essay is submitted by several students to several universities every year. Ivy League admissions counselors are sharp. They know when an essay is plagiarized. They know when you chose it from a stack. They know about unethical college admissions agents in China.

You may get pressured by these very admissions agents to do as they instruct if you hope to gain admission to Ivy League colleges. But ask them what experience they have with the Ivy League admissions process. Ask if they worked in admissions. Ask if they themselves attended a university in the United States. Basically, ask what makes them experts on Ivy League admissions. You’ll be surprised by the answers — or lack thereof!

Check out our post on University Admission in China and contact us today to get started with the Ivy League admissions process.

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