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We at Ivy Coach think the proposed changes to the Common App are not in the best interest of college applicants.

High school guidance counselors, college admissions counselors, private college counselors, parents, college applicants, and old people who just read this college admissions blog (that’s a reference to Conan O’Brien’s joke about old people who just go to graduation ceremonies, FYI), it’s time to have your voice heard to the Board of Directors of the Common Application. The Board of Directors of the Common App will be voting on changes to the Common App and it’s important that the proposed changes are not accepted. These proposed changes are antithetical to the mission of the Common App and they will not serve the best interests of students applying to colleges.

The proposed changes to the Common App will in fact stymie creativity and lead to cookie-cutter applications. Who wants that? College admissions counselors certainly don’t unless they want to fall asleep while reviewing applications. Students don’t want that unless they want to be like the rest of their peers. And who wants to be like everyone else. Nobody wants this and the time has come to have our voices heard across the country so that these changes do not go into effect.

So read our Founder’s article on “The Huffington Post” entitled “Unacceptable Changes to the Common Application for College Applicants.” Share the article on Facebook, post a comment underneath the article, email the article to a friend. We need to get the word out to the college admissions community that these proposed changes are wholly unacceptable. We need to let them know that we’re planning to challenge this change. Remember when we challenged The College Board for administering an SAT to students at an expensive summer program at Amherst College? That test didn’t get administered after all. We can enact change in college admissions and here is a genuine chance. Let’s do it.


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