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November 1, 2021

Certain Lazy High School Counselors

It’s the very job of high school counselors to advocate for their students with admissions officers (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

It’s a relatively new phenomenon but it’s spreading fast at elite prep schools across the land: some high school counselors are refusing to advocate for their students in their charge at the colleges to which they apply. And what’s their rationale? They essentially argue, in the spirit of equity, that it wouldn’t be right to push for their students at these schools over students from other high schools, particularly from less privileged schools. They also often claim that admissions officers at these colleges don’t want to hear from them. It’s all baloney!

It is the very job of a high school counselor — and do keep in mind that some are outstanding — to advocate for the students in their charge at the colleges to which they apply. It’s their job to push for them, to detail for admissions officers why these young people would make great contributions to their campus communities. And admissions officers absolutely want to hear from school counselors. They value their input and it’s the job of admissions officers to liaise with school counselors, to create a relationship between the college and the high school.

So to the high school counselors who refuse to advocate for their students, let’s call you what you are: just plain lazy. Pick up the phone. Write an email. Send an additional letter. Push for your students. Because other school counselors sure are pushing for their students. So by not pushing for your students, you’re not only not doing your job but you’re putting your students at a competitive disadvantage. And save the argument that you’re not pushing for your students in the spirit of equity. If you cared so much about equity, you wouldn’t be working at a fancy prep school in the first place. Bye, Felicia!

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