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March 9, 2024

Carnegie Mellon University Waitlist Acceptance Rate

Carnegie Mellon University Waitlist Acceptance Rate
Carnegie Mellon regularly admits students off its waitlist (photo credit: Dllu).

Was your child recently waitlisted to Carnegie Mellon University? If so, you’re likely not jumping up and down because a waitlist isn’t exactly an offer of admission. But is it akin to a rejection? In the wake of your child’s CMU waitlist decision, you’re likely wondering if they’ve got a genuine shot of earning admission over these next several weeks. So let’s dive in and address all questions about Carnegie Mellon’s waitlist. Spoiler Alert: they’ve got a real shot if they play their cards right!

Carnegie Mellon Waitlist Acceptance Rates and Statistics

Below is a breakdown of Carnegie Mellon’s waitlist admissions statistics over the last quarter of a century:

Carnegie Mellon University Class YearNumber of Students Waitlisted to Carnegie MellonNumber of Students Who Chose to Join Carnegie Mellon WaitlistNumber of Students Accepted Off Carnegie Mellon WaitlistCarnegie Mellon Waitlist Acceptance Rate
Class of 2027Not Yet PublishedNot Yet PublishedNot Yet PublishedNot Yet Published
Class of 20268,9864,652430.92%
Class of 20258,7925,319350.66%
Class of 20246,8193,4612888.32%
Class of 20235,7613,5791403.91%
Class of 20223,6772,3101094.72%
Class of 20215,6092,83440.14%
Class of 20203,8091,94270.36%
Class of 20195,5262,83540.14%
Class of 20183,1041,630734.48%
Class of 20174,8431,864874.67%
Class of 20163,6641,296977.48%
Class of 20155,00364260.93%
Class of 20144,4635637012.43%
Class of 20133,93864510816.74%
Class of 20123,13932000%
Class of 20112,8982908228.28%
Class of 20103,190Not Published56Not Published
Class of 20092,704Not Published120Not Published
Class of 20082,709Not Published120Not Published
Class of 20072,94129418061.22%
Class of 20062,47691514515.85%
Class of 20053,2657157310.21%
Class of 20043,4376908512.32%
Class of 2003Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published

Your Chances of Admission to Carnegie Mellon After Being Waitlisted

Over the last 24 years, Carnegie Mellon has thus far released sufficient waitlist admissions figures to glean the school’s waitlist acceptance rate for 20 of those years.

During that span, the school’s average waitlist acceptance rate was 9.69%. However, Carnegie Mellon turned to its waitlist significantly more before the last ten admissions cycles. Since the Class of 2015, the school’s average waitlist acceptance rate has stood at 3.06% — with a high of 8.32% for the Class of 2024.

So while CMU hasn’t been offering admission to as many students in recent years, the school is still turning to its waitlist year in and year out — admitting 43 students to its Class of 2026, 35 students to its Class of 2025, 288 students to its Class of 2024, 188 students to its Class of 2023, and 109 students to its Class of 2022.

Your Chances of Admission to Carnegie Mellon After Being Waitlisted with Ivy Coach’s Help

Over the last 30 years, 44% of students Ivy Coach begins working with after being placed on Carnegie Mellon’s waitlist have earned admission to the institution.

Ivy Coach’s process for waitlisted CMU applicants involves two steps, which go as follows:

  1. Complete Ivy Coach’s PostMortem application review. We need to parse through what went right and wrong in The Common Application and CMU supplement to understand how a student positioned their case for admission — and what needs to change in their go-forward strategy.
  2.  Submit a compelling Letter of Continued Interest. While most parents know that waitlisted students should submit a Letter of Continued Interest after being placed on a college’s waitlist, their children tend to approach these letters incorrectly. They brag about their achievements. They update them on everything they’ve done since they first applied all but a few months ago. It’s not the approach of Ivy Coach — and it’s a critical reason why our letters — filled with our delicious secret sauce — are so often effective.

Getting Started with Ivy Coach on Carnegie Mellon Waitlist

If you’re interested in giving your child the best chance of earning admission off Carnegie Mellon’s waitlist this year, fill out Ivy Coach’s consultation form and indicate your child’s been waitlisted. We’ll then be in touch to outline our waitlist service.

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