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June 12, 2018

Caltech Class of 2021 Profile

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Caltech loves the quirks of its students (photo credit:

Curious to see the Caltech Class of 2021 profile? The wait is over. Of the over 7,300 students who applied for fall admission to the California Institute of Technology, 8% got in. 236 students will be enrolling at Caltech this fall. 46% are women, 54% are men. 9% of incoming students hail from nations outside of the United States. 16% are underrepresented minorities. The SAT middle 50% stands at 2250-2350. The ACT Composite middle 50% stands at 34-35. The Math 2 SAT Subject Test middle 50% stands at 800-800. Yes, you read that correctly — and you can read the data for yourself on Caltech’s website. 800-800. Caltech students aren’t good at math. Said nobody ever.

Caltech Always Loves Weird Applicants

The California Institute of Technology, which has topped the “US News & World Report” ranking of best national universities on more than one occasion (Princeton continues to hold the current title), loves to admit quirky students. And, by the way, all colleges love to admit quirky students. Caltech just happens to be very open about it. As our regular readers know very well, we bring out the weird in our students at Ivy Coach. Yes, you read that correctly, too. We bring out that weird. We’ve been bringing out the weird in our students for over a quarter of a century. In so doing, we help our students stand out in a competitive applicant pool.

We take great pride when our students are — unbeknownst to all — cited in a university’s press release about their incoming class. That happens to be the case this year at Caltech. One of the students they highlight happens to be ours. From the “does math problems while planking” student to the “ran a fashion business” student to the “recreated the periodic table with cupcakes” kid to the “takes polar bear plunges into rivers and lakes around the world” kid to the “is a master perfumer and has a perfume company” kid to the “is a member of Bugles Across America” kid, yes, Caltech loves the weird.

Ivy Coach salutes Caltech for openly appreciating the weird in its students. We have very fond memories of sitting in the admissions office of Caltech on its beautiful Pasadena, California campus right near the Rose Bowl, hearing all about past wonderfully weird applicants.

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