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Bucknell University’s admissions office misreported admissions statistics (photo credit: Aurimas Liutikas).

Bucknell University admissions stats are under review. Remember how Claremont McKenna College misreported admissions statistics to “US News & World Report” a little while back? And remember how George Washington University also got in heat for misreporting data? Well, add Bucknell University to the party. According to an article on admissions stats by Scott Jaschik in “Inside Higher Ed,” “This month, responding to four instances in which colleges admitted to having provided false information for its rankings, U.S. News & World Report published an FAQ on the issue. One of the questions: ‘Do you believe that there are other schools that have misreported data to U.S. News but have not come forward?’ The magazine’s answer: ‘We have no reason to believe that other schools have misreported data — and we therefore have no reason to believe that the misreporting is widespread.’ Less than three weeks later, another college — Bucknell University — came forward to admit that it had misreported SAT averages from 2006 through 2012, and ACT averages during some of those years.”

Apparently, the misreported admissions stats at Bucknell University stemmed from Bucknell leaving the SAT scores of some students out of the school’s averages. Most of these students — though not all — had scores that were lower than the university’s average. Thus, leaving these scores off positively impacted Bucknell’s admissions stats. According to the article in “Inside Higher Ed,” we’re talking about 13-47 students over the span of 7 years. The president of Bucknell said that during these 7 years,  an average of 32 students per year were not represented in the stats reported to “US News & World Report” and that scores, on average, were reported to be 16 points higher than the actual scores of incoming students. Some ACT data was misreported by Bucknell as well. According to the article, “The ACT scores were inaccurate only for some of those years, but for several of the years resulted in real averages one point lower than those reported.”

What do you think of the misreported Bucknell University admissions stats? Do you think other universities have misreported data to “US News & World Report” over the years? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below!



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