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Bryn Mawr has gone test optional.

Bryn Mawr Admissions has gone test optional. Beginning for this coming admissions cycle, applicants to Bryn Mawr will have the option of submitting SAT or ACT results. Previously, Bryn Mawr required all applicants to submit either SAT or ACT results. Bryn Mawr now joins the ranks of other highly selective colleges such as Bowdoin College, Bates College, Wesleyan University, and Smith College. Of course, the list of test optional colleges is a longer one and these are just a sample few.

According to an article on Bryn Mawr going test optional in “Bryn Mawr News,” “‘We have always conducted a holistic review of a student’s application and that will continue,’ says Bryn Mawr Director of Admissions Peaches Valdes ’99. ‘This new policy will make our pool of applicants even stronger as a wider range of academically talented students will be able to consider Bryn Mawr.'” The pieces goes on to say, “Bryn Mawr has had a ‘test flexible’ policy since 2009. Under that policy, students had a variety of options regarding what combination of standardized test scores they chose to submit. Under the new policy, students will still have the option of submitting test scores. ‘Our goal is to get the most accurate sense as to whether a student will thrive here at Bryn Mawr. We encourage applicants to send us the information that will best inform that decision,’ says Valdes.”

What do you think of Bryn Mawr going test optional? Do you think other small liberal arts colleges will follow suit? Do you think any of the Ivies will ever go test optional? Let us know your thoughts on test optional colleges by posting a Comment below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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