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February 9, 2015

Bryn Mawr Admission

Bryn Mawr, Admission to Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr College is an all-women’s college. As such, the college explicitly does not admit men. It seems logical enough. But the line has been blurry with respect to the policies of the office of admissions at Bryn Mawr for transgender and intersex college applicants. Recently, a campus group at the college recommended that the school become more welcoming to transgender students, encouraging them to apply to the small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. At Ivy Coach, we stand with this campus group as we firmly believe that transgender applicants who self-identify as female have every right to gain admission to an all-women’s college. Bryn Mawr’s policies were, quite simply, behind the times.

According to a piece in “” on the Bryn Mawr admissions policies with respect to transgender and intersex applicants, “Bryn Mawr College clarified its admissions guidelines to accept transgender women and “’ntersex individuals who live and identify as women at the time of application,’ the college said Monday. The board of trustees at the women’s college voted on Saturday to make the change, accepting the recommendation from a campus group who had been studying the issue for months at the request of Bryn Mawr President Kim Cassidy. More than 60 Bryn Mawr students and alumni had signed an open letter to administrators asking that the campus be made more welcoming to transgender students and that they be encouraged to apply. A faculty and staff committee will review and update the college’s admissions policy to reflect the board’s action, and those changes will be in effect for applications received for the class of fall 2016.”

By lifting one’s voice, change really can happen at Bryn Mawr College! We at Ivy Coach congratulate the campus group that sought to enact this change in Bryn Mawr’s admissions policies. Mission accomplished. And we salute Bryn Mawr College for paving the way for transgender and intersex students to enroll at this fine liberal arts school in the neighborhood where Kobe Bryant, now a gay rights advocate, came of age.

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