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January 31, 2020

Brown University Class of 2024 Applicant Pool

Total and Regular Decision applications to Brown University are down this year (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

Among the Ivy League schools in the Early round for the Class of 2024, Brown University was somewhat of an aberration. Of the six Ivy League schools that have thus far reported Early application figures (Columbia University and Princeton University have yet to report the total number of Early applications received), Early applications were down at four of these schools. At Brown University, however, Early Decision applications for the Class of 2024 climbed by a margin of 8%. So the question is: Did Brown continue to defy the status quo for the Class of 2024 by receiving more applications in the Regular Decision round this year than last year?

Regular Decision and Total Applications to Brown’s Class of 2024 Down

No. In total, Brown received 36,592 applications to its Class of 2024, a figure that includes both Early Decision and Regular Decision applications. As Brown received 4,562 Early Decision applications this year, by our calculus this means that the school received 32,030 Regular Decision applications. For the Class of 2023, Brown received 34,444 Regular Decision applications and a grand total of 38,674 applications between the two cycles. Applications to Brown this year were down by a margin of 5% for the total applicant pool. For the Regular Decision applicant pool, applications were down by a margin of 7%.

Brown’s Class of 2024 Applicant Pool is Still the Second Biggest Ever

As Will Kubzansky reports for The Brown Daily Herald in a piece entitled “Applications drop 5 percent for class of 2024,” “A total of 36,592 students applied this year, Powell said, as opposed to the 38,674 that applied the previous year — making it the second-largest applicant pool in University history despite the drop in applicants. [Dean of Admissions Logan] Powell believes the smaller applicant pool will not present a barrier to constructing ’the class that will best represent Brown and the values we stand for,’ he said. ’We can do that with 37,000 applications. No one has ever said to me, ’There’s a particular applicant volume that we need to hit.’” Powell said that Brown is likely not the only highly selective school seeing a decrease in applications…He anticipates the admission rate will be consistent with previous years, especially due to the increased number of students admitted early decision. ’It’s still going to be very hard to get into Brown this year,’ he said.”

So our readers should keep in mind that while total applications and Regular Decision applications are down this year, it remains the second largest applicant pool in Brown University’s history!

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