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September 23, 2018

Boston University Class of 2022 Statistics

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It was a banner year in admissions at Boston University (photo credit: Brian Chang-Yun Hsu).

Boston University received a record number of applications to its Class of 2022 — 64,482 in all. In fact, applications were up by a margin of 6% from just last year. BU has also deemed the applicant pool for the Class of 2022 its most competitive pool in history, noting an average SAT score of 1421 and an average ACT score of 31. The admission rate for the Class of 2022 stood at 22%, the lowest all-time for the alma mater of storied television scribe David E. Kelley. The yield was also up for the BU Class of 2022 — 27.6% of students admitted to BU’s Class of 2022 chose to matriculate, a figure that stood at 23% five years ago. International students in the first-year class at BU hail from 67 nations and comprise 24% of the class (China, India, South Korea, Canada, and Taiwan are the most-represented nations / disputed territory in the case of Taiwan outside the United States). 17.4% of matriculating students are from low-income families, a nod to BU’s commitment to educating folks from all economic backgrounds but particularly those from underprivileged ones.

BU’s Class of 2022 is ethnically diverse as well. As Amy Lawkowski writes for “BU Today” in a piece entitled “Class of 2022, By the Numbers,” “The Class of 2022 is one of the most racially diverse in recent memory—more than 17 percent are underrepresented minority students. At their Matriculation ceremony earlier this month, President Robert A. Brown urged the freshmen to both embrace and celebrate their differences. Citing Martin Luther King, Jr. (GRS’55, Hon.’59), Brown said that inclusiveness is ’woven in the fabric of the University.’ When asked, 32.8 percent identified as white, 17.6 percent as Asian American, 10.2 percent as Hispanic, and 6.3 percent as African American, among other groups.”

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Boston University’s Class of 2022! And congrats to BU on the banner year in admissions. We imagine BU is darn tired of serving as a safety school to students applying to our nation’s most elite universities and these statistics are beginning to reflect that frustration.

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