Blaming Affirmative Action

We came across a great “MTV News” spoof on highly selective college admissions that we figured we’d share with our readers. It’s entitled “STOP Blaming Affirmative Action for Your College Rejection.” We couldn’t agree more. We firmly believe that those who blame their college rejection on Affirmative Action policies are whiners, folks who complain about the system and aren’t savvy enough to know how to beat highly selective colleges at their own game. Our students at Ivy Coach compete in this very same system and yet they’re not whining about Affirmative Action policies. They’re not seeking to sue universities. After all, why would they? They overwhelmingly get into their dream schools.

The piece up on “MTV News” is quite an entertaining one. It includes thoughts on legacy admission, on community service (they’re right when they suggest that volunteering for a couple of hours a week is a transparent attempt to earn admission — and it won’t work!), on Affirmative Action. The fictitious student, Ashley Smith, is rejected by Elite University in the piece. But when a relative donates a building, her rejection becomes an offer of admission. Of course highly selective colleges don’t overturn admissions decisions when relatives donate buildings but the point is made — that donating a library sure can help one’s case for admission.

Check out the video if you have time for a laugh. And, yes, do stop blaming Affirmative Action policies for your child not getting in. It’s a tired argument championed almost exclusively by those who don’t figure out how to beat colleges at their own games.


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