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July 5, 2016

Biscuits and College Admission

Biscuits at Ivy Coach, Biscuits and Admission, Biscuits and College Admissions
We don’t serve biscuits at Ivy Coach. We never will.

We don’t serve biscuits. Or cheese and crackers. Or tea. And certainly not coffee. In fact, we don’t serve anything at all. Lots of folks email us and write something along the lines of, “We’ll be in New York the second week of August and would like to sit down with you.” But these folks who write in clearly don’t read our blog. Because regular readers of our college admissions blog — and those who’ve perused our website — know that we don’t meet with students and parents in person. We thus serve no biscuits, cheese and crackers, tea, coffee, or anything in between.

Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, we met with students and parents in person. But Ivy Coach is a global business since we work with clients hailing from around the world. If a client lives in Brazil, South Africa, Taiwan, any of the fifty states in our union, or anywhere else, we can work with them. In fact, a good portion of our clientele hails from outside of the United States. And we help these students earn admission to their dream colleges…we’ve been doing it for years. The fact is that we don’t need to meet with folks in person anymore. We can do so virtually, saving folks time and energy.

If you’d like to be served biscuits and tea, you can likely find a local private college counselor in your neck of the woods. But while this college counselor might serve you biscuits, he or she likely won’t help your child get into the college of his or her dreams. Because most private college counselors, frankly, aren’t very good. Just like in any profession — the vast majority of firms in each and every space are unexceptional. Not sure about this? Call a plumber who advertises in your neighborhood and see if they fix your leaky pipe. Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t.

We don’t serve biscuits. We never will. We won’t meet with you. But if you follow our system, we’ll give your child the best possible shot of earning admission to his or her dream school. And, in the end, that sure beats biscuits.

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