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UPenn tops the 2019 “US News & World Report” ranking for “Best Undergraduate Business Programs.”

Interested in studying undergraduate business? If so, we wanted to draw your attention to the 2019 “US News & World Report” rankings for “Best Undergraduate Business Programs.” In a stunning turn of events, the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) tops the ranking. We’re kidding. That’s not shocking one bit. Wharton has been our nation’s top undergraduate business school for quite a long time, as our nation’s leader likes to frequently tout. Coming in after UPenn is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California – Berkeley (both placed second). University of Michigan placed fourth, while New York University placed fifth. Carnegie Mellon University (#6), University of Texas at Austin (#6), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (#8), University of Virginia (#8), Cornell University (#10), Indiana University (#10), University of Notre Dame (#10), and University of Southern California (#10) round out the top ten.

Most Top Schools Don’t Offer Undergraduate Business

But the reason we wish to draw the attention of our readers to the “US News” “Best Undergraduate Business Programs” ranking is because we wanted to highlight the schools not listed. Do our readers see Harvard University among the schools with the best undergraduate business programs? How about Dartmouth College? Brown University? Princeton University? Yale University? Are you starting to get the idea? No, you don’t see these schools.

The fact is that most highly selective colleges are liberal arts colleges — including the likes of Harvard, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Yale, etc. And most of these highly selective colleges, with some exceptions like University of Pennsylvania and, more recently, Cornell University, simply don’t have undergraduate business programs. So when you apply to Dartmouth and you express a strong interest in studying undergraduate business, well, admissions officers are absolutely going to roll their eyes and think to themselves, “Does this student not realize we don’t offer undergraduate business? Is this how little research she did on our school? Oy vey!”

Note the schools that top the 2019 “US News” ranking for “Best Undergraduate Business Programs.” Note how many among the top ten — UNC, UVA, Berkeley, Michigan, Texas, Indiana — are public universities. Most elite private universities in America don’t offer complete undergraduate business programs. Some offer classes. Some allow students to take coursework at the school’s graduate business school. But not many allow students to major in business and that’s because business is a trade, not a liberal art. So when you apply to Dartmouth because you want to major in business, well, it’s clear you didn’t do your homework.

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