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August 8, 2014

Best College Campuses

Claremont McKenna College topped “Business Insider’s” best college campus ranking.

“Business Insider” has put out a ranking of the best college campuses. Since there aren’t enough college rankings, we figured we’d share their findings. As to the methodology behind the best college campus ranking, “Business Insider” states: “There was no discernible connection between the colleges that came out on top, as they represented everything from Ivy League universities to small liberal arts colleges to technical schools. Perhaps more telling of the list’s diversity is that each one of our top five schools came from a different area of the country. Our list does include half of the Ivy League schools and three of the five Claremont Colleges, including our top ranked school — Claremont McKenna College. Although Claremont McKenna didn’t rank as #1 or #2 in any category, it placed high in several, including Best Quality of Life, Best Career Services, and Great Financial Aid.”

So which universities make the top twenty? Going from twentieth to first, here’s the list: Stanford University, Pomona College, Kansas State University, Sweet Briar College, United States Military Academy, Wheaton College, Dartmouth College, Southern Methodist University, Yale University, Scripps College, Princeton University, Washington University in St. Louis, Columbia University, Pennsylvania State University, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Virginia Tech University, Rice University, Whitman College, Bowdoin College, and…Claremont McKenna College.

So in “Business Insider’s” top twenty are four Ivy League colleges — Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia. Other highly selective colleges that made the list include Stanford, Pomona, West Point, Scripps, Wash U, Rice, Bowdoin, and that Claremont McKenna. What do you think about this particular college ranking? We’re curious to hear your thoughts so post a Comment below!

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