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As Ivy Coach approaches its 1,000th blog, we thought we’d ask our loyal readers what topic related to highly selective college admissions you’d like us to address. Over the years, we’ve addressed all sorts of topics from how to write the best possible personal statement to what not to do on your activity sheet to how to secure great teacher letters of recommendation to the admissions scandal at Claremont McKenna College. We’ve written about Ivy League admissions statistics and how runners and swimmers have an advantage in the college admissions process that even football and basketball players don’t have (they surely have their major advantages, too). We’ve written about the advantages of applying Early Decision or Early Action and on what not to do in your college alumni interview.

If there’s a topic relating to Ivy League admissions or highly selective college admissions, our bet is we’ve covered it. After all, every single day of the week — including weekdays, weekends, Christmas, Passover, Independence Day, and Yom Kippur (we write that one the day in advance as we sometimes do), we’ve got a new college admissions blog post. Our posts are intended for high schoolers and their parents, for guidance counselors and teachers, for folks in the college admissions community, and for anyone who just likes reading a college admissions blog (we can’t imagine who else!).

Sometimes, our blogs are the subject of controversy. Like when we argued that it’s pointless for students to take AP tests after they’ve earned admission if they have no shot of placing out of a college course with that test. We stand proudly behind that post. We also stand proudly behind the post in which we corrected erroneous information on Early Decision admissions put forward in an article in a college newspaper. And we stand proudly behind a post in which we were critical of a high school student who chose to bitterly make a fuss about her college rejections in “The Wall Street Journal.”

Anyhow, have a topic for us to discuss on our college admissions blog? Let us know what it is!


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