Beginning the College Admissions Process

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Beginning the college admissions process shortly after potty training is too soon, in our opinion.

How soon is too soon to begin the college admissions process? If you’re the parent of a ninth grader, it’s certainly not too soon as the courses that your child maps out for the next four years matter a great deal in the highly selective college admissions process. Even just a one-hour consultation with us to map out a course strategy for the next four years can put you at a distinct advantage over other students at your child’s high school. So if ninth grade isn’t too soon, when is too soon to reach out to us, you ask? Well, we sometimes get calls from parents of aspiring kindergartners.

You did not read that incorrectly. As a “KSPR” piece on Manhattan kindergarten admission points out today, “Private preschools have become an institution for Manhattan’s wealthiest. And the system is fraught with new parents panicking that if they don’t get their baby Einsteins into top preschools, they will ruin their kids’ chances at getting into Harvard before they can even say ‘Ivy League.’…But just being able to foot the huge bill isn’t enough. There’s a limited number of spots in Manhattan’s most elite private schools, which are thought to be feeders to the best colleges and universities in the country. And parents have bought into the narrative that if their child doesn’t go to a good preschool, they won’t have a shot at getting into one of the top secondary schools.”

If your child is in preschool, hoping to gain admission to the kindergarten of your dreams (let’s be clear — it’s not your child’s dream), it’s too soon to come to Ivy Coach. Go to Stephanie Sigal of Say and Play Family instead. She’ll be able to help you. And let’s not forget that public schoolers gain admission to Ivy League colleges all the time. The notion that students need to go to fancy private schools in the hope of getting into the Ivies is ludicrous, dated, and quite snobby.


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