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March 25, 2017

Barnard Class of 2021

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Congratulations to our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to Barnard College (photo credit: BrillLyle).

Congratulations to our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to the Barnard Class of 2021! Indeed each and every one of our Ivy Coach students — and there were several of you — who applied to Barnard either via Early Decision or Regular Decision earned admission. By our calculations, this marks a 100% Ivy Coach acceptance rate. In all, for the Class of 2021, 7,716 students applied for admission to the all-women’s college of Columbia University and 14.8% of these applicants were offered admission. The 14.8% admission rate is down from a 16% admission rate for the Barnard Class of 2020 and it marks the lowest admission rate in the college’s storied history.

As Jessica Spitz reports in a piece for “The Columbia Spectator” entitled “Barnard accepts under 15 percent of applicants for class of 2021,” “Next year’s first-year class will be the second to take Foundations, Barnard’s core curriculum, which replaced the Nine Ways of Knowing last fall. The new Milstein Teaching and Learning Center is also projected to be completed when the class of 2021 reaches its sophomore year.”

We’re so excited for our students who earned admission to Barnard as members of the Barnard Class of 2021. This weekend, we nearly bought out their store with hoodies and mugs. Barnard, you’ve got to stock up your store when admissions decisions go out!

While you’re here, read our salute to Barnard College for their pioneering embrace of trans students.

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