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October 19, 2014

Awards in College Admissions

Siemens Foundation, Siemens Competition, Siemens Science Research
Ivy Coach congratulates our students who were named Siemens Competition semi-finalists this week.

Not all awards in college admissions are created equal. There are lots and lots of lame awards that high school students like to share on their college applications. Not sure which awards we might be referring to? How about being named to the “Who’s Who Among American High School Students” list? That is so lame and should never, ever be on a student’s college application! If you’re ever at a doctor’s office and that award is framed in the waiting area, you might consider running. Anyhow, how about a high school student being named the school’s most popular student? Yuck. Or being a semi-finalist for Key Club’s dedication award? ZZZzzz. We made that one up. But you get the idea. Lame awards don’t help in highly selective college admissions. Rather, they elicit eye rolls from admissions officers

However, some awards are real. Some awards given to high school students are extremely impressive and really boost a student’s chances of admission to highly selective colleges. One of our former students was a Lincoln-Douglas Debate Champion. Now that’s impressive. Our student was ranked as America’s best debater. Pretty cool. Yesterday, the Siemens Foundation announced their semi-finalists for their scientific research. We have several students who were named semi-finalists and we’re mighty proud of them! Being named a Siemens Competition (formerly Siemens-Westinghouse) semi-finalist is a big deal. So is being named an Intel Science Talent Search Semi-Finalist. The Intel STS winner a couple of years back was our student as well.

Are you worried that your awards are lame? Do you want our opinion of them? If so, sign up today for a free consultation to discuss our service offerings. We look forward to hearing from you. And as for that best smile award in your high school yearbook, it should absolutely be left off your college application. But congrats on that! And be sure to congratulate your dentist and orthodontist too for a job well done.

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