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May 13, 2024

Ivy League Admissions: The Asian American Parent’s Dream

Previously Published on May 15, 2013:

So many Asian American parents believe that admission to our nation’s elite universities will set their children up for a lifetime of success. At Ivy Coach, we agree. When students attend America’s elite universities, including the Ivy League schools, they have an easier time landing that all-important first job to set up their career paths. They learn alongside classmates and future lifelong friends who were all handpicked by extremely selective admissions committees. So many of these students will become captains of industry — of finance, education, media, medicine, law, and so much more.

However, what sets many Asian American parents apart as they navigate the highly selective college admissions process? Let’s delve into their unique concerns and experiences!

Many Asian American Parents Care About Rankings, Rankings, Rankings

While most parents who come to Ivy Coach care deeply about college rankings, in our experience, it’s often Asian American parents who care the most. Indeed, for so many Asian American parents, their bible is the US News & World Report Best National Universities ranking. Notice we didn’t say the US News & World Report Best National Universities and Best Liberal Arts Colleges rankings. Regretfully, liberal arts colleges often aren’t top of mind to Asian American parents who care deeply about school name recognition.

Many Asian American Parents Unknowingly Set Their Children Up to Face Discrimination

Yet, as much as so many Asian American parents want their children to earn admission to the highest-ranked, most prestigious schools in America, they often set their children up to face unjust discrimination in the admissions process. How so? That’s easy. Many parents encourage their children to pursue activities other Asian American applicants also participate in — from piano to violin to math olympiad. When the game for all students in the highly selective college admissions process — irrespective of race — is to differentiate themselves, these students have committed the cardinal sin of presenting a hackneyed profile. While it’s unfair, the reality is they’ve set themselves up to be compared to other Asian American applicants with similar profiles.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with Overcoming Discrimination Against Asian American Applicants

At Ivy Coach, we help our students beat an unfair system at an unfair game. We help our Asian American students overcome the unjust discrimination that they face — discrimination that persists after the United States Supreme Court struck down Affirmative Action — by presenting profiles that dare admissions officers not to offer them admission. Our students don’t deny their Asian American heritage. Far from it! But they don’t present applications that are so very similar to so many other Asian American applicants. When they zig, our students at Ivy Coach zag.

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