Asian American Discrimination in Admissions

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Asian American organizations trying to challenge the discrimination that Asian Americans face in highly selective college admissions would be wise to employ a new strategy.

Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, published a piece yesterday up on “The Huffington Post” that focuses on how the strategy that Asian American organizations are employing to go about trying to end the discrimination that Asian American applicants face in highly selective college admissions is not the correct strategy. The piece, entitled “Why the Strategy to End Discrimination Against Asian Americans in Admissions is All Wrong,” highlights how various Asian American organizations, including the Asian American Coalition for Education, have filed suits against some of America’s most highly selective colleges in the hope of putting to an end Asian American discrimination in admissions decisions. But suits are not the way to end this discrimination.

And if these organizations are going to file suits, they’d be wise to file stronger suits. Choosing the son of the president of the Asian American Coalition for Education as the plaintiff in a lawsuit and arguing that he faced discrimination as retribution for his father’s position — that hardly is the cleanest way to attack the argument that Asian Americans face discrimination in the highly selective college admissions process (which they do!). It clouds their argument. Significantly.

But, as we’ve long suggested, lawsuits aren’t the right approach anyway to end this discrimination. As Bev writes in her “Huffington Post” piece, “Worse than choosing the wrong plaintiff, these groups hoping to end the discrimination Asian American applicants face in highly selective college admissions are choosing the wrong way of seeking change. You see, change is a protagonist in our nation’s story ever since we ragtag colonialists chose to rebel against the King of England. And just like in colonial times and as we are reminded throughout the arc of our history, change starts with the populace. Selma. Seneca Falls. Stonewall. These were the respective birthplaces of the civil rights, women’s rights, and gay rights movements in America. These movements began with the populace. Not in the courtroom.”

Check out the piece and do let us know your thoughts on Asian American discrimination in admissions and the strategies employed in the hope of ending this discrimination by posting a Comment below. We’re curious to hear from you!


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