Asian American Admissions Complaint

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Asian Americans have it tough in highly selective college admissions. Any argument to the contrary ignores the data.

While we wholeheartedly do not support the legal complaint filed by a coalition of over 100 Asian American groups against Yale University, Brown University, and Dartmouth College, that doesn’t mean we don’t agree with the basis of their complaint. Of course highly selective colleges — all highly selective colleges — discriminate against Asian American applicants. Of course Asian American applicants are held to a different standard. Of course the sky is blue. We have been fiercely vocal over the years on the pages of our college admissions blog and in the press about the discrimination that Asian-American applicants face in admissions and we wholeheartedly believe that this group as a whole — and the often-forgtten Indian American group of applicants too! — deserve better.

We simply don’t believe legal action is the way to change hearts, to change minds, to change admissions practices. It defies the American narrative as we understand it. Did the Supreme Court of the United States ultimately legalize gay marriage? You bet. But change didn’t start at the courts. It started at The Stonewall Inn in the West Village of Manhattan. Similar cases can be made for the black civil rights movement and the women’s rights movement in America.

But we will call out university spokesmen on politically correct nonsense. A quote in “The Yale Daily News” by Yale spokesman Tom Conroy is just that — politically correct mumbo jumbo. As reported by Yale’s newspaper, “University Spokesman Tom Conroy reaffirmed the necessity of Yale’s admissions policies in creating diverse classes of students. ‘All relevant factors are considered in the context of the application as a whole, and the decision on any applicant does not turn on any one factor alone,’ Conroy said. ‘In conducting a holistic review, applicants are not disadvantaged in the admissions process on the basis of race or national origin.'” We don’t believe for a second that Mr. Conroy believes the words he’s uttering. Sometimes when you say something so may times, you start to believe it. Maybe that’s the case here. Asian Americans are not disadvantaged in the admissions process on the basis of their race? Hogwash.


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  • fc says:

    Doing something is always better than doing nothing when facing unfair treatment. Hence, a legal action is better than non-action at least.

  • ivy league says:

    I do not agree with the idea that because Asian-American students have higher grades and SATs as a group, they are more qualified for admission. In most cases the result of these higher grades are super-strict parents who force their children to devote hours upon hours on SAT prep at the expense of other extracurricular activities, personal intellectual enrichment, and thus the development of other important skills. If elite American universities want to remain the best in the world they have to retain diversity of thought, interests and as a result, race.

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