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July 24, 2011

Applying to UCLA

Tuition at UCLA has risen by 17.6% this year! And for students applying to UCLA, there may be more hikes later this year (photo credit: Alton).

Some UCLA students will be paying about 50% more than they anticipated spending on tuition for the coming academic year. How this will impact students applying to UCLA and other University of California schools remains in question. This past Thursday, the UC Board of Regents voted on and adopted a 9.6% tuition hike. If you remember, there was an 8% tuition hike this past November. So since November, there has been a 17.6% rise in the cost of tuition.

Many students applying to UCLA and other UC schools feel that they may as well attend private universities if public university tuition is rising so high, so fast. One UCLA student estimates she’ll be paying $56,000 for the upcoming academic year, according to the “UCLA Bruin.” And tuition hikes may not be over this year! According to the “UCLA Bruin” article on UCLA tuition, “If extra tax revenue fails to materialize later this year, the UC will face a $100 million cut. To offset that amount, an additional 5.9 percent tuition increase has been proposed, though the regents have tabled the issue for now.”

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