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October 19, 2013

Applying to Northwestern

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If you’re applying to Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, or if you are applying with the arts supplement to Stanford, know that your Early deadline has been extended (photo credit: Madcoverboy).

If you’re a student applying to Northwestern via Early Decision, know that the university has extended their deadline for applications from November 1st to November 8th. Why’s that? If you read our college admissions blog, you well know why. Because of all of the glitches with the Common Application of course. And while we’ve previously reported about some other schools extending their Early Decision or Early Action deadlines, we’ve now got some more schools in addition to Northwestern to report on.

For students applying via Restrictive Early Action to Stanford who are submitting the Arts Supplement, the deadline for your application to be submitted has been extended to October 18th. According to the Stanford admissions website, “In order to have your Arts Supplement considered in the review of your application, you must also submit the Common Application, the Stanford Writing Supplement, and the application fee or fee waiver by October 18.” And wait — there’s more.

Johns Hopkins University will be extending their deadline as well. Johns Hopkins will be extending their Early Decision deadline to November 8th. As stated by the Johns Hopkins admissions office, “We’ve heard about some recent issues happening within the Common Application site. Some of you may have even experienced the technical glitches  yourself. Well, rest assured—you’ve already done the hard part. You’ve kept your grades up, gathered your letters of reference, and have no doubt made many other preparations in order to begin the college application process. Now, here’s where we come in. In an effort to offset any frustration experienced with the application process, we’ve extended our Early Decision (ED) application deadline to November 8.”

And Johns Hopkins also accepts applications via the Universal College Application. You do not have to use the Common App. if you’re applying to Johns Hopkins!

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