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Finding success in applying to MIT might be tough for comedian Stephen Colbert. Not that he’s considering doing so. But if he did apply, let’s just say that Dean of Admissions Stuart Schmill would shred his application. Literally. If you didn’t think deans of admission at highly selective universities had a sense of humor, you haven’t met Stuart Schmill. An avid fan of “The Colbert Report,” Mr. Schmill went on high alert when Stephen Colbert deemed MIT “the Harvard of Devrys” and “a tech school.” He decided to respond to Mr. Colbert’s humor with some humor of his own. If you haven’t yet seen his YouTube video, check it out right here:

Stu Schmill, in Mr. Colbert’s trademarked style, discusses how wrong the television personality is. He says that MIT isn’t just another tech school, that it’s a breeding ground for the great minds of tomorrow. He says that if you combine all of the companies started by MIT folks and you have the eleventh largest economy in the world. How cool is that? Not too many universities can say that. In fact, MIT grads have had a hand in developing Technicolor, GPS, the Human Genome, and so much more. But, as Mr. Schmill points out, MIT isn’t just a school for students passionate about math and science. MIT values the liberal arts education from architecture to English to psychology. What do you think of Mr. Schmill’s video? It has over 33,000 hits on YouTube already! Do you think Mr. Colbert has had a chance to check it out? Do you think he’ll be applying to MIT anytime soon? In any case, we salute Stuart Schmill for having a great sense of humor in making this fantastic video!


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