Applying ED To A Highly Selective College

Are you considering applying ED to a highly selective college? If you’d like to attend a highly selective college, we highly recommend that you do apply Early Decision. By doing so, you greatly improve your odds of admission. As you can see from taking a look at Ivy League admissions statistics, the numbers tell the full story. By demonstrating your commitment to attend a certain university — by showing your love for that university — they are more likely to love you back than if you show no commitment by simply applying through Regular Decision.

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Take advantage of your Early Decision card. But use this card wisely.

If you’re considering applying ED to a highly selective college, we urge you to make your Early card count. But if you don’t have anywhere near the test scores, courses or grade point average to get into Duke, don’t apply Early Decision to Duke. It’s a waste of your Early card. You’ve only got one in your back pocket. Should the school be a little bit of a stretch? Absolutely. There’s no sense applying Early to a school that you think you can get into but you’re not sure that you want to attend. Because you’ll be locked into that school. That would be quite bad!

Think long and hard about the school to which you want to apply ED to and when you narrow your choice down to one, send in that application. Show your love for that school and they’ll be much more likely to love you back. It’s kind of like dating in a way. Maybe not the first couple of dates but relationship kind of dating. Show your commitment and your partner will ideally show his/her commitment back. Only in this case, your partner is the highly selective college of your dreams.


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