Applications to Yale’s Class of 2023

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It was a banner year for Yale’s admissions office this year (photo credit: Namkota).

Applications to Yale University set a new benchmark this year. In all, 36,829 students applied to Yale’s Class of 2023 — under both Early Action and Regular Decision. This figure compares to 35,306 total applications to Yale’s Class of 2022, a bump of over 4%. It marked the fourth year in a row that Yale saw an increase in total applications. It’s expected that Yale’s Class of 2023 will ultimately consist of approximately 1,570 students.

Yale’s Applications and Tuition on the Rise

While announcing the rise in applications to the New Haven, Connecticut-based university, the school happened to slip in that tuition is on the rise. As reports “New Haven Register” by the newsroom staff in a piece entitled “Total cost to attend Yale next year tops $75,000,” “Tuition for Yale College will be $55,500 and room and board will total $16,600, according to a university press release. In 2018-19, those costs were $53,430 and $16,000, according to the Yale financial aid website. During this school year, Yale estimated the cost of books and personal expenses at $3,750. Assuming no change in that figure, the total cost to attend Yale next year will be $75,850.”

Good luck to all students who applied Regular Decision to Yale University’s Class of 2023! Decisions are right around the corner, particularly for those receiving Likely Letters, but no need to watch that pot. You’ll drive yourself nuts!


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