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January 18, 2021

Applications to Tufts University Class of 2025

Applications to Tufts surged 35% this year.

Consistent with the trend at the vast majority of elite universities across America, applications surged at Tufts University this year. In fact, more than 31,190 students applied to Tufts University’s Class of 2025 — either through Early Decision I, Early Decision II, or Regular Decision. This marks a 35% increase from last year. And it wasn’t the only new benchmark set this year in Tufts’ admissions office. Of the students from the United States who did apply to Tufts’ Class of 2025, 51% are students of color, a fact that makes Tufts especially proud.

Breakdown of Tufts University’s Class of 2025 Applicant Pool

As Laura Ferguson reports for Tufts Now in a piece entitled “Tufts Undergraduate Applications Rise 35 Percent,” “Applications from Black, Indigenous, and Latinx students kept pace with or exceeded the growth of the overall pool, said Duck, who noted that applications from Black students have grown by 89 percent over the past three years. Black applicants increased by 39 percent this year; Latinx by 42 percent; American Indian / Alaska Native by 35 percent; and Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander by 35 percent. International students, defined as foreign nationals without U.S. citizenship, account for more than 6,000 applications, and comprise more than 19 percent of the applicant pool, a 36 percent increase over last year…Applications from first-generation students grew in tandem with the applicant pool, and represent 17 percent of first-year applicants…All 50 states are represented, plus D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands…The most represented countries by citizenship, each of which sent more than 100 applicants, are China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, Canada, Pakistan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Mexico, Kenya, and Nigeria.”

Tufts Released An Important Figure Among Other Admissions Statistics

And while we absolutely love how Tufts’ applicant pool is growing more and more diverse through the years, do you know what the most interesting data point of all happens to be to us? It’s this line in the Tufts press release on their Class of 2025 applicant pool: “With the pandemic also came a decision to implement a three-year SAT/ACT test-optional policy in late March. Half of all applicants chose not to submit scores, said [Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management JT] Duck.” Have you seen another school that has released such a figure? Try to find one such school and we’ll publish the data they’ve released! But we have a feeling you’ll strike out in your quest to unearth this data. And why? Because elite universities just aren’t releasing these kinds of numbers — so kudos to Tufts for doing so! We salute you! In any case, students who applied to Tufts through Early Decision II will learn of their decisions in early February, while students who applied through Regular Decision will learn of their decisions in late March.

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