Applications to Boston College’s Class of 2024

Nearly 30,000 students applied to BC’s Class of 2024 (photo credit: BCLicious).

Boston College has released application figures for its Class of 2024. In all, between the Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision rounds, BC received nearly 30,000 applications. Between ED I and ED II, applications totaled approximately 2,750. Regular Decision applications exceeded 26,600 — a climb of about 37% from last year. As our readers may remember, in a dramatic move, BC eliminated Early Action last year, instating an Early Decision I and Early Decision II policy for the Class of 2024.

As Boston College’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions writes of their BC Class of 2024 applicant pool, “‘When we announced plans to replace Early Action with Early Decision one year ago, we anticipated a total pool in the range of 25,000 to 30,000 applications,’ said Director of Undergraduate Admission Grant Gosselin. ‘We are fortunate to have attracted an applicant pool on the high end of that range and look forward to shaping the class in the weeks and months ahead.’ While a complete statistical profile of next year’s freshman class is still in process, Gosselin said there are positive indications—including the fact that AHANA students comprise 36.5 percent, compared to 33.7 percent last year—that the Class of 2024 will maintain its upward trajectory in academic excellence and other important categories. ‘We’re extremely pleased with the size, diversity, and quality of the applicant pool for BC’s Class of 2024,’ he said.”

And if you’re wondering what AHANA means (as we suspect you are!), it’s African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American. In any case, BC’s admissions office must be jumping for joy with their application figures this year — particularly in light of the fact that applications are down at many of America’s highly selective colleges.


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