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Applications to Barnard rose 3% this year over last year.

This year’s number of applications to Barnard College rose by 3% over last year, increasing from 5,428 to 5,609, according to “The Columbia Spectator” article on Barnard admissions statistics. In addition, the number of Early applicants this year rose as well, with a 6.8% increase in applications. And, according to the paper, that statistic has risen by 53% over the last five years. Just five years!

According to “The Columbia Spectator,” “Since 2008, the total number of applications to Barnard has spiked 31 percent, when the college received 4,273 applications. Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Fondiller said in a statement that she attributed the increase in applications to the college’s ‘very hands-on and personal approach to recruiting, which includes one-on-one interviews during a time when many schools have abandoned the practice’ as well as ‘our hugely successful fly-in program that allows low-income students to visit the campus.'”

Do you think Barnard’s decision to keep one-on-one in-person college interviews is a reason the number of applications keep going up? Do you think their applicant numbers keep rising because of increased international outreach? Let us know your thoughts on the Barnard admissions stats by posting below! And if you applied to Barnard this year, feel free to share your story with us.

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  • JL says:

    What are Harvard and MIT hiding? Why haven’t they released their applicant numbers when every other school in the country has? They released them much earlier last year. Did they have a drop, as Princeton did, and hope no one notices?

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