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Applicants to UCLA should know that the university is making great efforts to cater to its diverse student body…with new dining options (photo credit: Alton).

Applicants to UCLA should know that the university is making efforts to cater to its diverse student body. It’s in fact making a concerted effort to cater to its Asian students as, according to “The LA Times,” approximately 40% of UCLA’s student body are Asian American. Have a look around the UCLA campus and your anecdotal data will support these statistics. And just how is UCLA catering to its Asian students? In dining options! Move over hamburgers…UCLA is busting out the sushi (and numerous other Asian dining options)!

According to “The LA Times” article on UCLA diversity, “Don’t look for macaroni and cheese, hamburgers or tuna melt sandwiches at the renovated dining commons at UCLA’s Rieber Hall dormitory. Instead, a hungry student will find such dishes as spinach and seaweed roll, pork ramen with miso, Buddha’s delight and chicken tikka masala.” We applaud UCLA for not only admitting a diverse student body but for helping to make them feel comfortable at the university once they get there by providing diverse dining options that will make them feel more at home.

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