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Malia Obama can go to any college she wishes to attend. Anyone who opines otherwise isn’t living in the real world.

Malia Obama, eldest daughter of President Obama, has been touring colleges like many high school juniors across America. In fact, Malia recently visited her father’s alma mater, Columbia University, as well as Barnard College. She’d previously, as we had noted, toured Stanford University and UC Berkeley. We have a feeling she’ll be touring her mom’s alma mater soon as well, Princeton University. A junior at Sidwell Friends, the same school that Chelsea Clinton attended as a high schooler, do you think she’ll follow in the footsteps of her dad, her mom, or maybe Chelsea Clinton?

Malia is apparently interested in directing movies. As we’ve stated many times on the pages of this college admissions blog, you don’t have to go to film school to become a great film director. In fact, you can major in the classics — or biology — and still find great success in Hollywood. In Hollywood, you generally have to work your way up the food chain. While USC connections, as an example, can be helpful, you can build connections on your own in your first weeks out in LA. We firmly believe film school is overrated, but we’ve focused on the specifics of why we believe this many times before. So here’s hoping Malia doesn’t fall into that trap. The fact is that no matter where she attends college, she will be well connected in Hollywood. Many of Hollywood’s biggest players, after all, have given money to her father’s campaigns. And her father’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, the current Mayor of Chicago, is the brother of perhaps Hollywood’s single most powerful player, William Morris Endeavor (WME) chief Ari Emanuel. So, yes, she is quite hooked up.

And as for Malia’s case for admission, every school will be clamoring to try to secure her spot in their incoming class, to gain these most important bragging rights. She is the daughter of the sitting United States President and they will all want her. We saw a quote by someone in the press that Malia will still need to have excellent SAT or ACT scores and stellar grades to gain admission to a top university. Our response? Get real.


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  • NYC mom says:

    I have a feeling she is going to go to Stanford. It has become the new harvard and has actually left harvard far behind in many respects. I feel rivalry between hyp is a thing if he past, nowadays its Stanford vs Harvard for the top spot in higher education and with Stanford clearly winning. It seems like it is THE hottest place to be and I can definitely see why.

  • ivy student says:

    I would argue that the real top spot in higher education is between Princeton and Stanford. Harvard is too outdated and competitive, and hasn’t been ranked #1 in years. Stanford and Princeton both have small-town-near-big-city vibes and are a little preppier than Harvard or Yale. Of course, Stanford’s focus is more tech and Princeton’s more finance, but that’s pretty surface-level. Malia probably won’t go to Princeton, though, because her mother hated it so much. She hasn’t even been back to visit!

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