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February 21, 2024

Anti-White Discrimination in College Admissions: A False Narrative

The Class of 1929 entrance is featured at Columbia University.

Some prospective clients, when they come to us seeking Ivy Coach’s college admissions counseling, say something along the lines of, “My child is a white male…” What they say after those first few words can vary, but the implication of their initial words remains the same: they believe their child — as a white male — is navigating the elite college admissions process with an arm tied behind their back. Allow us to debunk this misconception once and for all.

The Tired Argument of Anti-White Discrimination in Elite College Admissions

Before we dismantle the argument that white males are at a disadvantage in the elite college admissions process, we thought we’d delineate the tired points that parents often make to try to substantiate the notion that white males face discrimination in the process. Typically, these parents’ points are as follows:

Why the Argument of Anti-White Discrimination in Elite College Admissions Lacks Merit

In 2019, Keith Payne wrote a piece for Scientific American that focused on the alleged anti-white discrimination in elite college admissions. As he wrote, “A friend complained to me recently that his son wasn’t getting into Ivy League colleges because it’s so hard for a middle-class white kid to be admitted, even with straight A’s. I asked if the advantages of being a middle-class white kid might be part of the reason his son had become a straight-A student in the first place. It got awkward.” 

Amen, Mr. Payne. So, let’s make things more awkward for these parents who love to toss around those tired “my child is a white male…” words by shredding their argument in pieces. Their argument, after all, holds no water for the following reasons:

Parents Will Continue to Make the Tired Anti-White Discrimination in Elite College Admissions Argument

But we at Ivy Coach can dismantle the tired white male disadvantage in elite college admissions argument every which way, and parents will still make it year in and year out. No matter how illogical their argument may be, deep down, they believe that their child — and especially if they don’t get in — faced a major hurdle in the process on account of their race and gender. It couldn’t possibly be that they didn’t get in because of anything they’ve done, right?

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