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Amherst College has changed its admissions practices over the years to be more welcoming to lower and middle income students.

Amherst College is one of the most highly selective colleges in the United States. And just like every other highly selective college in the United States, Amherst aims to recruit an immensely diverse and talented student body. But what has set Amherst College apart from some other highly selective colleges in recent years is its efforts – and success – in admitting and matriculating lower income and middle income students. The trailblazing president of Amherst College, Anthony Marx, who recently stepped down to take the helm of the New York Public Library, is largely responsible for this trend.

Upon taking office, Anthony Marx set out to change Amherst College admissions practices. He wanted to make the Amherst education available to all Americans regardless of the income level of their parents. According to a “New York Times” article by David Leonhardt, “In his 2003 inaugural address, Mr. Marx — quoting from a speech President John F. Kennedy had given at Amherst — asked, ‘What good is a private college unless it is serving a great national purpose?'”

The article goes on, “More than 22 percent of students now receive federal Pell Grants (a rough approximation of how many are in the bottom half of the nation’s income distribution). In 2005, only 13 percent did. Over the same period, other elite colleges have also been doing more to recruit low- and middle-income students, and they have made some progress.” Anthony Marx set out to make one of America’s best colleges available to all Americans and for that we applaud him.

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