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June 5, 2011

Alumni Interviewing

Dartmouth was able to offer alumni interviews to 12,000 applicants this past admissions cycle.

In a video “thank you” to Dartmouth alumni who completed alumni interviewing, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid Maria Laskaris and Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Colleen Wearn shared that the Dartmouth College admissions office interviewed around 2,000 more applicants than last year for a total of 12,000 alumni interviews. The Dartmouth admissions officers expressed gratitude to alumni interviewers in helping them “understand the intangible qualities of the student, what types of intellectual conversations you were having with the student, and what type of impact you can see them having on campus.”

Dean Laskaris voiced understanding to alumni interviewers who are often quite frustrated by the the college interviewing process since most students interviewed ultimately end up getting denied admission. Said Laskaris, “We are frustrated that we aren’t able to offer admission to all the wonderful students in our pool. I reconize how difficult it is. We want to thank you for your work in the face of some daunting odds.” Laskaris and Wearns wrapped up their thank you by telling alumni that Dartmouth secured talented students hailing from 46 states and 37 countries – including an Olympic gold medalist.  What…they couldn’t get anyone from North Dakota this year?

Take a look at the video thank you to Dartmouth alumni interviewers. And check out our newsletter on what NOT to do on an alumni interview.

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