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We at Ivy Coach believe Asian and Asian American applicants face discrimination in the college admissions process.

As the Supreme Court prepares to weigh in on the latest affirmative action case to reach the nation’s highest court, we at Ivy Coach wanted to share an opinion of ours with respect to affirmative action policies. So much of the focus of affirmative action policies is on how Caucasian students face discrimination in the process, that despite their higher grades and scores, minority students gain admission over them. Well, what about Asian and Asian American college applicants? We at Ivy Coach would argue that no population is more discriminated against in the highly selective college admissions process than Asian American applicants.

When admissions officers at highly selective colleges review the applications of Asian and Asian American applicants, they evaluate them against other Asian and Asian American applicants. Which in and of itself is ridiculous. Too many admissions officers at highly selective colleges view the Chinese American applicant with perfect or near-perfect SATs who also happens to be a first chair violinist as, quite simply, yet another Asian candidate. At Ivy Coach, we help our Asian and Asian American students differentiate themselves in the highly selective college admissions process by helping them avoid the pitfalls of implicit bias, a phenomenon that impacts admissions officers just as it impacts all other human beings.

Yet while we love helping Asian and Asian American students stand out in the admissions process, it’s time that highly selective colleges stop this policy altogether. It’s time that they became aware of the extent to which this group of applicants faces tougher odds than the rest of the applicant pool. It just isn’t right. Plain and simple.


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