Affirmative Action and Asian Americans

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Asian Americans are discriminated against in highly selective college admissions.

There’s an article in “The New York Times” about Affirmative Action and Asian Americans. The article tells the story of the complicated picture for Asian Americans as they apply to college. Many quoted in the article support the idea of diversity at highly selective universities. But many others — and many of the same folks — believe that race should not be an admissions determinant. After all, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Asian Americans are discriminated against in highly selective college admissions. It’s blatant. It’s wrong. And it should end.

When college admissions counselors review the application of an Asian American applicant, they compare that Asian American applicant to all of their other Asian American applicants. It’s that simple. And, yes, they are human beings and human beings use mental shortcuts — as in they stereotype. So when they see that the applicant has a perfect math section on the SAT and decent — though not perfect — verbal, and they run track and play first chair violin, this applicant doesn’t exactly stand out from the pack of other Asian American applicants. It’s unfortunate but it’s a fact of highly selective college admissions.

Many argue that Affirmative Action to help African American and Latino applicants gain admission should end. They feel that Affirmative Action doesn’t make up for a history of discrimination and only extends this discrimination in this new century. But Asian Americans are being discriminated against in this century in the highly selective college admissions process. And this needs to stop. Now.


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  • Guest1 says:

    human beings don’t use shortcuts, only the stupid ones do. a student should be compared against the entire applicant pool, not just their own race. asian applicants with certain qualities should not be viewed differently than non-asians with the same ones. i wonder how diverse the admissions committee is; i’m guessing they mostly consist of ignorant white folk.

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