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Ivy Coach does not offer parents advice during our free consultations. These consultations are only to answer questions parents may have about our service offerings.

A lot of parents think that we offer 20 minutes of free advice on their child’s case for admission to highly selective colleges. We most certainly do not. When you go on our free college admissions consultation page, you’ll note that our 20-minute college admissions consultations are only to answer questions parents may have about Ivy Coach’s service offerings. It’s not an opportunity for parents to ask us, “Should Kim be taking AP Bio or AP Physics as a senior?” How would we know the answer to that anyway without first seeing which courses she’s taken to date. And for that, we’d need to see her transcript, which we go over with parents and students during our paid one-hour evaluations.

Years ago, we used to offer free advice during free initial consultations. But we found that parents loved to pick our brains and we’d lose hours and hours of our lives — days would pass — just getting our brains picked. No thank you. Not anymore. We are a business and our advice that is specific to each student is only offered during paid one-hour evaluations and thereafter should clients wish to proceed with a college application assistance package.

We make no apologies for not answering even the seeming most inconsequential and easy-to-answer questions. Because one question suddenly becomes two questions and two questions becomes a half dozen questions. And soon enough, the sun has set. We are not an information service. We are not “Dear Abby.” Abby doesn’t work at Ivy Coach. She never has. We are a business that charges for our expertise so please do consider this before signing up for a free consultation to discuss our service offerings.


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