Admissions Officers Want to Root for Applicants

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Twenty-four admissions leaders recently penned an op-ed for Inside Higher Ed.

Twenty-four admissions czars, among them two of the heroes of Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog (Angel Perez of Trinity College and Eric Furda of the University of Pennsylvania — both of whom are typically quite forthright) recently penned an opinion piece for Inside Higher Ed addressed to college-bound students and their parents. The letter essentially tells students that they are not alone navigating the college admissions process, that more and more students are experiencing anxiety these days, and in their capacity as admissions leaders, they’re here to help. The admissions czars also outline how parents can help their children navigate the stressful process while always keeping their children — and the goals of their children — first.

In Spite of Low Admission Rates, Admissions Officers Want to Root for Applicants

One particular point they write in the piece entitled “An Open Letter to College-Bound Students and Their Parents” that we wish to highlight reads as follows: “It’s been said that no one goes into college admissions because they want to see how many students they can reject. This isn’t always easy for students to understand, especially when there are more qualified applicants than room to admit them. But that is a limitation of the college, not the students. There are many places where you can shine, and the application process give you the opportunity to explore all of them.”

Actually, Because of Low Admission Rates, Admissions Officers Want to Root for Applicants

It’s so true. As admissions officers read application after application — applications filled with not so humble brags or trite essays — they find themselves wanting to root for an applicant. They’re craving the chance to get behind an applicant, to go to bat for them. Even if the applicant maybe doesn’t have perfect grades or perfect scores. And that’s a big part of what we at Ivy Coach do: we help students figure out a hook that will inspire admissions officers to want to root for them, to urge their peers to admit them. So in spite of the fact that the vast majority of applicants to highly selective colleges are rejected, these admissions officers are telling it like it is — they are looking for reasons to admit applicants. We at Ivy Coach help applicants showcase those reasons in unique and powerful ways. It’s a big part of our secret sauce.


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