Admissions Notification Dates

Ivy League Admissions Dates, Ivy League Notification Dates, College Admission Notification Dates

We’ve got the admissions notification dates for the top colleges for you.

Looking for admissions notification dates? We’ve got them for you for all eight Ivy League universities as well as for a host of highly selective colleges throughout the country. If you were deferred or denied admission to your Early school, you might strongly reconsider submitting the same application (or similar application) that you submitted to your Early school to your Regular Decision schools. What if you made a single mistake that cost you a chance for admission? It happens all of the time. And that’s what we at Ivy Coach are here for — to find those mistakes. Our students don’t make those mistakes. Our students’ essays are outstanding and they stand out from the pack. It’s why folks hire us year in and year out. So click on the orange button and fill out the consultation form today to get started. It’s not too late. We’ll be able to get started right away.

Ivy League University Notification Date SCEA / ED Applications
Brown University December 12, 2013
Columbia University December 12, 2013
Cornell University December 16, 2013
Dartmouth College December 11, 2013
Harvard University December 15, 2013
Princeton University December 16, 2013
University of Pennsylvania December 16, 2013
Yale University December 16, 2013


College / University

Notification Date EA / ED Applications
Boston College December 25, 2013
Boston University December 15, 2013
Brandeis University December 15, 2013
Carleton College December 15, 2013
Carnegie Mellon University December 15, 2013
Claremont McKenna College December 15, 2013
Colgate University December 13, 2013
Davidson College December 15, 2013
Duke University December 15, 2013
Emory University December 15, 2013
Georgetown University December 15, 2013
Hamilton College December 15, 2013
Harvey Mudd College December 15, 2013
Haverford College December 15, 2013
Johns Hopkins University December 13, 2013
Massachusetts Institute of Technology December 15, 2013
New York University December 15, 2013
Northwestern University December 15, 2013
Pomona College December 15, 2013
Stanford University December 13, 2013
Swarthmore College December 15, 2013
Tufts University December 18, 2013
University of Chicago December 25, 2013
University of Michigan December 24, 2013
University of Virginia January 31, 2014
Vanderbilt University December 15, 2013
Washington University (MO) December 15, 2013
Washington & Lee University December 21, 2013
Wesleyan University December 15, 2013
Williams College December 12, 2013

Note: the following highly selective colleges and universities will be releasing their decisions in the middle of December:

Amherst College

Bowdoin College

Bryn Mawr College

California Institute of Technology

Grinnell College

Rice University

University of Notre Dame

Vassar College

Wellesley College


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