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We’re proud to be a voice in highly selective college admissions.

At Ivy Coach, we pride ourselves on being a leading voice in highly selective college admissions. If you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, a blog that attracts tens of thousands of readers, you know we write a whole lot about highly selective college admissions and we offer a unique perspective into the process. But every now and then, some folks like to copy our uniqueness and claim it as their own. They’re like parrots, only not nearly as fun or as colorful.

This past February, a private college counselor in California, Jeannie Borin, copied verbatim an entire article that our Founder, Bev Taylor, had written years before (that link offers detail into the extent of Ms. Borin’s plagiarism). Ms. Borin then published this piece on “The Huffington Post,” crediting herself with Bev’s original words. “The Huffington Post” of course immediately removed the piece when we alerted the publication to Ms. Borin’s obvious plagiarism. What chutzpah Ms. Borin had to publish Bev’s words and claim them as her own! Did she think she’d get away with it? Did she think we wouldn’t notice? Did she think we’d forget?

To all folks who plagiarize our copyrighted content, may this post serve as notice that we won’t stand for it. Not now. Not ever. Our words are our words and our words alone. They are our intellectual property. They are protected by Section 17 of the United States Code. And we will go to great length to protect our intellectual property. The right to intellectual property isn’t a right afforded to so many throughout our world. But it is a right, one that protects our freedoms, here in the United States. It is a right we value.


You are permitted to use (including the content of the Blog) for your personal, non-commercial use only. You must not copy, download, print, or otherwise distribute the content on our site without the prior written consent of Ivy Coach, Inc.


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